Handleless kitchen doors are a stylish and modern option for replacing dated kitchen furnishings. This stylish feature is partly what attracts many customers to opt for handleless kitchen doors. The absense of kitchen handles provides the room with greater flow. This is especially true if the kitchen leads into the dining room or living room areas. Handleless kitchen doors are perfect for open plan living as they give the area an uncluttered appeal that can seamlessly flow and fit in with other areas of the house.

Besides adding a flair of elegance to the kitchen space, there are many practical reasons why handleless kitchen doors are a better option for modernised kitchen areas. For example, not having handles can provide a hygienic alternative to the norm. Instead of having multiple hands and dirty fingerprints touch the same kitchen handles time and again, this stylish method can help to reduce the spread of bacteria. This also means that there’s one less job of having to wipe down kitchen handles to get rid of potential grime.

As well as being more hygienic, handless kitchen doors are also safer for children. For any parent, it’s important to child proof areas of the house that could cause potential harm to children. This couldn’t be more true than in the kitchen area where there will be toxic cleaning substances within arms reach to small children. By going handleless, children are less likely to find their way into kitchen cupboards. As well as keeping children out from unsafe areas of the kitchen, not having handles means that childrens’ clothes are less likely to be caught and torn on cumbersome handle